Shattered Secrets a new YA Romance

Shatered Secrets
Shatered Secrets

Shattered Secrets by Krystal Wade

Curiosity Quills Press


Young Adult,

Romance / Adventure novel set in the present with fantasy elements

First, I will state that this book has an interesting concept and while it lags in the middle it picked up and had me interested once the characters stopped playing and had a sense of urgency again.  My final impression was this is an entertaining and appropriately themed book with only miner PG13 moments.

So the concept is of a almost eighteen year old girl (Abby) who is desperately in love with one boy(Derick) and the length they go to stay together despite discovering they are Kaloans, a non Earth, plane hopping spirit being.  Abby happens to be a Guardian, descended from the royal house of Kalos whose parents sent her here to live as a human with a group of other Kaloans each with a unique magical talent:invisibility, telepathy, empathy, persuasion, firemancy, etc

There is a bit of mystery, why do the bad people want to capture Abby?  Why is there a magic book that writes words that are unique to each person?  Why does Will (a human) act so weird when he is around Abby, but normal when he is alone with Megan (Will’s sort of girlfriend)?  How come Mark thinks he is destined to be Abby’s husband, and Derick thinks he should abandon her?

I know it is a romance, but the thing that makes a romance believable is if the reader grows to love the main crush (Derick) with Abby.  In this, first page, BAM they are in deep love, and she is getting her first kiss.  And then she pines for him until the kidnapping, then they run away together and buy a house on a beach in Florida to play at being married, sort of.  It was also risky killing off what should have been a very good bad guy, Aedan, the power hungry ruler of Kalos.  I also found the perspective jumping not helpful in this book.  Derick and Abby never spend much time apart so why jump from one to the other?

Because I liked the Ending (from boat chase to world hopping) I am going to say go ahead and read it, the last 140 pages do pick up and get interesting.

Parents, note there is underage drinking, coed sleeping in beds together-no sex but plenty of “tingly feelings”, talking about getting married at 17-18, and some violence against the kids by adults.  It also romanticizes reckless behavior with no consequences.