The Last Unicorn

This was written by a visiting student, Claire, to the Winston School. I asked her if she’d tell me about the latest and coolest book she’d read. She sat down and wrote this for you.

last unicorn  by Peter S. Beagle – a tale for any age ..

The Last Unicorn is an old but stunning tale.  It starts out with a quest to free the Unicorn’s kin from a fate trapped forever, but quickly changes pace.  The story goes on as the reader meets interesting and well-developed characters, be they friend or foe. The plot takes an unexpected turn. We learn that immortal creatures such as Unicorns cannot regret, but in the end, the Unicorn saves her kin but takes on a heavy price – she now has some mortal feelings.  It ends off wonderfully and the evil is defeated, just as all good triumphs.”

Written by Clare Elizabeth Susan Peterson Nielson