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The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl, by Stacy McAnulty

Random House Children’s Books, 2018

Bluebonnet nomination for 2019 – 2020

292 pages

Upper Elementary

Lucy Callahan was struck by lightning,  and this gave her genius-level math skills.  Aged 12, she is technically ready for college, but she has to spend a year in middle school before that.  It may sound improbable, but actually this is a very compelling and believable read.  Middle school is tough to figure out, especially if  you are hiding a massive secret, and your life is complicated with OCD.  If you love dogs, right there is another great reason to pick up the book. The book just got better and better, and the end will blow you away.

Letting Go of Gravity

I got this book at the NTTBF (North Texas Teen Book Festival) this year, so I was super excited to hand it over to one of my big readers, Lily!  As I haven’t read it,  I thought I’d nail her and get her opinion on the book, especially as she loved it.


Pgs. 420 Young Adult novel, published 2018

So, Lily, what did you think about this book?

“It was really good, and I say that because it shows an accurate depiction of how people are affected by leukemia.  Charlie had had it but had gotten through it. The book starts when the relapse begins, and he is getting better. Charlie is really interesting and seemingly has no qualms about using leukemia to his advantage.  Parker, his twin sister, seems to care a lot.  It was a sad book, because of my connections to this and people I have known.  Life is not cracked up to be all you want it to be, and you have to work for what you want.”



The Mad Wolf’s Daughter

 A New York Times editor’s choice                         

by Diane Magras

Drest, a young Scottish girl witnesses her family’s capture and learns about their imminent death.  With only a few days to spare, she must make her way to rescue them from a castle prison. She starts off on a quest to find them, taking a  wounded prince along as a hostage.  This story has all the elements of a great tale.  You may be very surprised at how it ends in a series of sometimes alarming twists.


14 Hollow Road

14 Hollow Road


By Jenn Bishop

6th through MS, 280 pgs., published by Random House, 2017.

  “a gorgeous summer tale” for those who enjoy books like THE PENDERWICKS by Jeanne Birdsall or DEAD END IN NORVELT by Jack Gantos.

This book has a great home feel about it.

When a tornado rips through the neighborhood, Maddie not only loses her dog and her house, along with the other devastating losses, but her friends go pear-shaped on her, a newcomer comes between her and her “boyfriend” and on top of that, other complications surface with her new living arrangements.

Things are hopeful if one can circle back to one’s family.  If one can circle back..