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Readkiddoread! Great ideas from James Patterson

I love lists and crossing things off. Well, this list will launch your summer. James Patterson who writes something for everyone has put together some great titles to create a humungous reader out of you. No need to break a sweat – he has done all the thinking for you.

Now as regards the crossing off part…

When you finish a book cover to cover and cross it off your list. Let me know, and we’ll start up the ice-cream sundae count-down. Click on the list…

If you plow through these great reads, find some more of Mr. Patterson’s recommendations at:

What’ll it be… chocolate, strawberry, vanilla?

Aargh….! What happened in the 2000X vacuum!!?

Adapted from the Horn Book Guide Review:

Ten-year-old Flora Belle Buckman’s life changes when she resuscitates a squirrel after his near-death experience with her neighbor’s Ulysses 2000X vacuum.

Flora discovers that the incident has caused the squirrel, whom she also names Ulysses, to acquire superpowers. There’s only one problem: Ulysses’s archnemesis, Flora’s self-absorbed, romance novel -writing, squirrel-hating mother.

Beneath the basic superhero-squirrel-friend plot, DiCamillo focuses on larger life issues such as loss and abandonment, acceptance of difference, loneliness, love, overcoming fears, and the complexity of relationships.

Ulysses loves to eat …just about anything; and there is a quirky supporting cast, including Flora’s absent-minded father, her eleven-year-old neighbor William Spiver, and his great-aunt, Tootie Tickham. This little girl and squirrel and their heartwarming tale could melt even the most hardened archnemesis’s heart. CYNTHIA K. RITTER

Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo click on this link

Here’s the kicker: Come in and CHECK IT OUT or say “Ulysses!” and you will receive the book and a prize!