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Choose to Lie… or Choose to Die


Jennifer A Nielsen: The Ascendance Trilogy

Book One – The False Prince

Grades 4 – 7

In the first of a trilogy by celebrated author, Jennifer A Nielsen, a story of treachery, deceit and false identities unfolds.

Civil war is pending. Conner, a nobleman of the court, kidnaps four orphans to choose among them an impersonator of the king’s long-lost son and set him up as a puppet prince. One, Sage, questions Conner’s motives, yet his own life ‘balances on a sword’s point’. At all costs, he must be chosen or be killed. Intrigue deepens as rival evil designs surface.

A truth comes to light that proves more lethal than all. Read the first one: A False Prince and you’ll be on your way to the library to grab the second one… and then the third. A great non-stop action fantasy!

YA New Titles


YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) recently announced its winners for 2014.

The Teens’ Top Ten is a “teen choice” list where every title is nominated and voted on by teens. Voting will start on August 15 and run until Teen Read Week, during which time the winners will be announced.

Find a pdf on the titles here:  2014 TTT Nominations

You can check out a trailer on the books as well:  Book Trailers


The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp


The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp,

by Kathi Appelt, Atheneum Books for Young Readers (2013)

For ages 8+, 327 pages (hardback)

“Rumble-rumble-rumble-rumble…Buzzie and Clydine’s gang of feral hogs is thundering toward Bayou Tourterelle. Yellow eyes gleaming and tusks glowing, they’re delirious at the prospect of the swamp’s wild sugarcane. But raccoon Swamp Scouts Bingo and J’miah are ready. They’ll even go so far as to attempt to awaken the legendary Sugar Man and risk stirring up his wrath, if necessary. There’s a human drama unfolding, too, as twelve-year-old Chap Brayburn and his mother hope to save their beloved swamp from the clutches of Sonny Boy Beaucoup, who intends to turn it into a theme park. Appelt’s folksy tall tale … busily weaves a multitude of oddball characters — and more than a touch of magic — into the fabric of bayou life. Appelt fans will enjoy this romp in the swamp and will stay with it to see if predatory pigs and dastardly developers will prevail over the kindly swamp denizens. dean schneider” (Horn Book Starred Review, 2014)

Kathi Appelt is a prolific writer. That means she writes a lot of books! You can check this book out from The Winston School Library. You can also check out her website to see if there are other books you’re interested in reading. http://www.kathiappelt.com/books/

A Trip Through Time


Midwinter Blood by Marcus Sedgwick.  McMillan publishing, grade 7 and up.

After reading a rather horrible Teen Romance, I finally got to a book handed Months ago for me to review.  It took about one hour to read, but it was fascinating.  It is only 262 pages but it spans several hundred years.  The story is told in eight vignettes.  It starts in the year 2073 and travels backwards in time until the tenth century, then back to 2073.   This is not so much a love story, though it involves the never ending love between two people, as much as a really good fireside horror tale that ends in blood.  There is no happy ending, but it is a really good tale.  As each short story unfolds going further and further back in time, the mystery of Blessed Isle is explored further.  The bits of history interspersed within each short story is wonderful and the characters are terrific.  There is something for everyone, a vampire story, a war story, witches, blood sacrifice, a ghost story, a creepy painting, loves lost and found.  I am not going to give away the plot because I want you to be as surprised as I was.  Interesting fact, the book is sort of based on a real painting “Midwinter Sacrifice” by Carl Larsson which can be found in the National Museet, Stockholm.

Due to the adult themes this is not a book for younger readers.  And it is in the best traditions of the genre a horror story, so expect death and betrayal, and plots in the dark when you read it.  This is an award wining book and I enjoyed it.  Check it out in the Winston school library after the break.

Author’s website: http://www.marcussedgwick.com/

Link to the picture mentioned in the book: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Carl_Larsson_-_Midwinter’s_Sacrifice_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg