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Celebrate the Freedom to Read

From American Library Association:

It may surprise some to find out there are hundreds of reported attempts to ban books every year in the United States. … This year’s Banned Books Week is spotlighting graphic novels [comics] because, despite their literary merit and popularity as a format, they are often subject to censorship.  … The current list [most frequently challenged books] for 2013 includes two graphic novels: Dave Pilkey’s “Captain Underpants” series at the top spot and Jeff Smith’s series “Bone” at #10.  -Heather Cho / ALA Media Relations

Celebrate our Freedom to Read!

Starting Next Week:



Download Cover template PDF here: MANGACover  OR  Comic Cover

Rules of contest are as follows:

  • Comic cover must be of a banned book from our list by grade range or about “Celebrating the Freedom to Read”  See Ms. Meyers for complete list of books by grade level.
  • Comic cover can be done on computer, or by hand, black and white, or full color, but must be your own work
  • Comic front page can be notebook to full Bristol Comic art page size.  You can use your own template or page but physical cover is needed for contest.
  • You may draw multiple covers, but only one prize awarded per person.
  • Only cover pages done by students currently enrolled at Winston will be accepted for the contest, but faculty and staff are welcome to draw their own comic cover.
  • “Tweet” may be a word, or paragraph, no abbreviations, only full words and sentences are acceptable.
  • “Tweet” can be typed or handwritten on nothing smaller than a 3×5″ index card and nothing larger than 8.5×11″ notebook paper.
  • “Tweet” needs to be about one of the following: your cover, why you like comics, why freedom of speech is important
  • If you wish to be considered for a prize your work must have a name and grade level on the BACK of both tweet and artwork.  Unsigned work will still be displayed for the campus to see, but no prize can be awarded. (Sorry, if we don’t know who did it we can’t give you the prize!)
  • Deadline for Comic and Tweet to be turned in is: OCTOBER 3, 2014
  • Prizes awarded during Book Fair at Heroes and Hotcakes October 8th.

Download Cover template PDF here: MANGACover  OR  Comic Cover