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Otto Undercover Series, Starring Otto and Racecar

born to drive

Born to Drive

by Rhea Perlman, HarperCollins Children’s Books (2006)

For Grades 2-5, 128 pages (paperback)

If you’re looking for a funny chapter book with lots of jokes and word puzzles, then this is the book for you. Born to Drive is the first in a series of 6 titles starring boy-inventor extraordinaire, Otto Pillip, and his race car, Racecar.

“Otto Pillip loves palindromes, which isn’t surprising, given his name. Although he’s only 11, he invents all kinds of incredible devices and drives a race car named Racecar. Having lost his parents mysteriously as a baby, he lives with his two peculiar aunts, FiFi and FooFoo. Otto enters a race with a one-million-dollar purse, but, the night before the event, Racecar is stolen by two exceptionally obtuse bad guys. They don’t realize that Otto has loaded his car with an invention to defeat every deception imaginable.” (adapted from School Library Journal by Walter Minkel, New York Public Library)