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Zombies – violent and deadly!

After  by Demitria Lunetta

6th Grade and up and for fans of The 5th Wave and Across the Universe

What a ride!  Nothing could make me put this down, until Andrew (who shall remain semi-anonymous) wrenched it from me to read over the week-end. Thankfully, it’s on OverDrive, and I was able to download it and save the week-end.  I don’t do zombies, but this is so exciting and “wonderously frightening” – the author’s own admission, that you cannot help but be scared witless half the time. 

There is no easing into this nightmare.  Amy Harris’s life as she has known it is changed forever when They take over. Her parents have vanished, and she is on her own.  A breather comes in Part 2, but there’s something not quite right in this so-called safe place that creates more unease and more tension. The book ends culminating in a cliff-hanger. More to come!  It can only be good.  This debut writer, Lunetta, writes well, and her new fans will no doubt look forward to reliving the hot and putrid breath of her zombie creatures in her new book due out in June this year.




Scorched Earth

Book fair is over and a success so I have a backlog of reviews to get out.  We had a lot of kids come in and ask about the Maze Runner series so here is my short review of Book Two: Scorch Trials.  I am in the process of reading James Dashner’s next series an amazing cyber thriller (the Eye of Minds is book one) about some kids who get trapped into a world of mind hackers and video games that they just might not wake up from….  So look for that to come soon.  I also have three Junior fiction reviews to post…. Lots and Lots to share with y’all.

So To Scorch Trials:


By James Dashner

Ember (reprint edition), September 13, 20122, 384 pages (paperback)

ages 12+ …. a mature 12 year old would be fine…

for more on the series check out Mr. Dashner’s page:  http://www.randomhouse.com/teens/mazerunner/index.php


This book starts off right where book one left us, and just like in book one there are puzzles to solve and mad machines to survive.  This book is a solid middle book, but jumped around a bit, and got lost in the middle for a while. I ended up reading this in two sittings, and there are moments where I wondered where Mr. Dashner was going with this story. But I had fun in this extreme action, thriller. With the same kinds of mind bending violence as found in the first book, but this time ramped up, and the mental and physical torture of our main character was a bit extreme, but still within bounds for a YA novel. (and not nearly the level of an adult spy novel so in this case torture is a bit relative) The ending is similar to the first one, get out any way you can and face the authority. And expect to end up with more questions than answers.  So middle book means bridge between the introduction and the conclusion of the story arc so don’t expect too much as far as plot furtherance, but on the whole entertaining fun.

We have bought this for the library because it is a solid YA book and the series is popular with our teens.

Parents note it is graphic, violent, and more intense than book one.  I am trying to remember if there was anything beyond the violence that might present as a problem for younger readers and I can’t think of anything.  Amazon says this book is appropriate for ages 12 years and up.  I would say mature 12 might be able to handle it.  But since this is book two, if they handled book one, then book two should be ok.