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A Kingfisher fished for food…

Kingfisher By Patricia McKillip, Hardcover: 352 pages
Publisher: Ace


I have to admit, this wasn’t my favorite book by one of my favorite authors by a long shot. More like a series of vignettes with a loose thread that is frayed and often lost in what I guess was supposed to be a grand tapestry story interweaving several main characters together.
First let me back up a moment. I detest multiple perspective stories. I like to grab onto a character and experience their journey without the hither and yon that happens when you split a book into parts to follow vastly different characters with different paths, even if they all end up at the same location. I dislike following multiple characters even more if it is a first book and the author cloaks most of the story in weird foggy descriptions and perplexing “just answer one question for me please” kind of word games. I’m also not a fan of food journeys. So why am I bothering to review this at all? Because this is a fascinating if sometimes overwhelmingly frustrating book to read.
This is set in a sometime alternate future where cars are common on the coast of a blend between England and New England, but people live in a mystical faded glory of King Arthur. Where knights still take on quests, though they are just as likely to be riding motorbikes and inside limos as horses. Where armor and silk jackets, werewolves, and foggy enchantments lay heavy. And ancient Gods and the fey still wander across the land.

We follow three, sometimes more people on a Kingfisher quest. To find a cauldron, or holy grail, or fountain of knowledge that has been lost in time and just might be found in a small coastal town filled with silences and questions. Follow a sorceress’ son, a bastard prince, a daughter of a wolf, and many others as they follow their hearts (and stomachs) on this modern retelling of King Arthur and his quest for the holy grail.