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Zombies – violent and deadly!

After  by Demitria Lunetta

6th Grade and up and for fans of The 5th Wave and Across the Universe

What a ride!  Nothing could make me put this down, until Andrew (who shall remain semi-anonymous) wrenched it from me to read over the week-end. Thankfully, it’s on OverDrive, and I was able to download it and save the week-end.  I don’t do zombies, but this is so exciting and “wonderously frightening” – the author’s own admission, that you cannot help but be scared witless half the time. 

There is no easing into this nightmare.  Amy Harris’s life as she has known it is changed forever when They take over. Her parents have vanished, and she is on her own.  A breather comes in Part 2, but there’s something not quite right in this so-called safe place that creates more unease and more tension. The book ends culminating in a cliff-hanger. More to come!  It can only be good.  This debut writer, Lunetta, writes well, and her new fans will no doubt look forward to reliving the hot and putrid breath of her zombie creatures in her new book due out in June this year.