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For the Boy or Girl who may not Like reading yet….

I was reorganizing my library in preparation for acquiring new books when I found a charming book I had misplaced and thought.  Hey, I know what this would be good for.  Anyone who has been to my house knows I am a huge Neil Gaiman fan.  I Loved his comic book series Magic and Sandman (from waay back when I was in grade school) and have every single book Mr. Gaiman has published.  Some of which are my all time favorite books.  (See Good Omens with Terry Pratchett, The Graveyard Book, Neverwhere…etc)

So last year when I saw this strange cover with a dinosaur in a hot air baloon pushing buttons and a guy right out of a Shel Silverstein illustration….I had to get the book.  It is a Junior Fiction novel and it’s title:


illustrated by Skottie Young
Fortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman

Fortunately the Milk, Harper Collins (September 17, 2013)

Grade 3-7, 128 pg (Hard Back)

This charming illustrated story is for older readers, but might be a good start for a boy or girl who reads comics and is intimidated by “big books” or just feels they can’t get through a longer work.  I read the whole book standing in the book store and laughed and chortled enough to draw a crowd…  So it is funny, and silly, and is chock full of everything a young adventurer likes:  dinosaurs, pirates, sparkling ponies… and a volcano god.

So I invite you to read this to your kids (with sound effects), or hand them this wonderful book, and get ready to experience the most adventure you can have on the way to get a bottle of milk at the corner store….