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Sarcastic Seaweed and Sea Monkeys

I have another Netgalley book to share with our readers.  And this one is FANTASTIC 🙂


Oliver and the Seawigs, by Philip Reeve; Illustrated by Sarah McIntyre

Random House Books for Young Readers, (July 22, 2014)

grade 2-5, 208 pages


This charming junior fiction book is a whimsical cleverly illustrated book that I was excited to get a chance to read.  Much like another of my favorite books for young readers (“Fortunetly the Milk” by Neil Gaiman)  This book is chock full of humor, pirates, sea monkeys, sarcastic seaweed, and illustrations that add a lot to the story.  It looks like a long book, but it is a quick read, and is a good choice for both reluctant readers and children who enjoy adventure stories but are probably too young to read the scarier offerings out there right now.

This book never takes itself seriously, and the four main characters are wonderful.  Our hero is a ten year old boy Oliver who’s parents are the epitome of absent minded explorers.  Mr. Culpeper is a seagull with attitude.  Iris is a nearsighted mermaid, and Cliff is a small Rambling Isle.

The story has a good moral about knowing what is important and standing up to bullies no matter how fierce (because bullies are hollow inside) and like all great fairytales this one ends with a family reunited and wiser for their adventures.  This book will be on our list of books for the upcoming year and I hope everyone gets a change to enjoy it as much as I did.