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Uprooted by Naomi Novak

449 pages, Del Rey (May 19, 2015)


This was a fantastic fantasy novel that appeals to the romantic and the high fantasy sides of my reading preference. This reads a little like a Tannith Lee fantasy, and a bit like When Darkness Falls, though considerably less dark and long. This story is about a girl and a dragon, but not the “I’m going to eat you up” sort. No this novel states from the very beginning, the dragon comes once every ten years to take a girl from our village, but not to eat her. It is a beauty and the beast meets into the woods story filled with corrupted trees and misshapen creatures. (Hello Butcher’ Codex Allara).

The story is wonderfully told with depth and descriptions that transport you into this world. In a world where magic is real, politics favors no one, and the phrase “lost in the Wood” means a funeral. It is a stand alone novel for which I can only say a huge thank you. It is predictable in the same way a fairy tale is predictable, but not in an unpleasant way. I enjoyed this story, and it is engaging but not exhausting to read, so I believe this one will go on my recommended list at our library.

Parental Note: This is appropriate for older teens and up and though there is a brief sex scene (romance folks, apparently we can’t have a novel without it these days) it was not especially graphic. I did get a little squirmy at the age difference, our heroine is a teenager, the Dragon is well over a hundred, but since this book is set in a time where teenagers get married and have children before all before eighteen, it gets a pass.