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14 Hollow Road

14 Hollow Road


By Jenn Bishop

6th through MS, 280 pgs., published by Random House, 2017.

  “a gorgeous summer tale” for those who enjoy books like THE PENDERWICKS by Jeanne Birdsall or DEAD END IN NORVELT by Jack Gantos.

This book has a great home feel about it.

When a tornado rips through the neighborhood, Maddie not only loses her dog and her house, along with the other devastating losses, but her friends go pear-shaped on her, a newcomer comes between her and her “boyfriend” and on top of that, other complications surface with her new living arrangements.

Things are hopeful if one can circle back to one’s family.  If one can circle back..

The Hunted: the Enemy is Closer that you Think

The Hunted by Charlie Higson, penultimate in The Enemy Series #6

“The sickness struck people sixteen and older. First it twisted their minds; next it ravaged their bodies. Now the sickos roam the streets, crazed and hungry for young flesh…”

The Hunted (B&N Exclusive Edition) (The Enemy Series #6)

This is hugely graphic story with blood and gore thickly spread.  From a writer who feels young people should experience fear to be prepared for later life, he is, to phrase it tamely, obliging.  It’s okay, if you have a stomach for zombies and intense horror. This series has a huge following of fans. Charlie Higson can tell a story for sure, interweaving stories and creating complex believable characters, but if you dream about what you read, try Higson’s Young Bond series instead.


Product Details

By Carol Lynch Williams

256 pages; 2015

“Getting what you wish for, hope for, want, always comes with a price, doesn’t it?”

This was a good book all round, but hard reading in the sense of raw and very sad. It is the story of two sisters: Annie, who is beautiful and accomplished, and Sarah, who is totally withdrawn and doesn’t measure up. It is also the story of a bad secret. There is a dramatic turn of events when Annie checks out, quits the beauty pageant path, and starts gaining weight. No-one in the family seems to get it together, and things spiral downwards.
However, the story ends well, and I’d recommend this for upper school students. It’s beautifully told.

Pinkbeard’s Revenge

Pinkbeard's Revenge by Greg Trine, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pinkbeard’s Revenge by Greg Trine

Pinkbeard’s Revenge by Greg Trine, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

118 pages (Hardback), audience: ages 7-12

This is book 4 in the series The Adventures of Jo Schmo. “Fourth grade superhero Jo Schmo and her doggy sidekick Raymond are having a pretty rotten day—they just don’t know it yet. Danger is lurking all over the place: Dr. Dastardly and Numb Skull are planning a jail break, and they want to get revenge on Jo Schmo. Then a group of time-traveling pirates shows up in San Francisco and winds up on the wrong end of Jo Schmo’s famous fighting move, the Tasmanian Chop. So Pinkbeard the pirate joins forces with the dastardly doctor to concoct the evilest revenge plot ever. Watch out, Jo Schmo! And your little dog, too!” (from publisher)

This book is in The Winston School Library now. If your interest is piqued, go check it out!