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The Road


the roadUS and MS


I chose The Road by McCormac for the 36-hour plane trip that lay ahead of me. Perfect book, I thought: smallish, short paragraphs, well-spaced writing, and lots of dialog. That would suit a fast-fading attention span just fine.  On the first leg of the journey, my journey that is, a huge storm moved in over Dallas resulting in a gloomy six hour delay at the airport.  I felt a bit more hopeful when a young guy a seat away leaned over and said, “That book, best I’ve ever read!!” So with that, I settled in to read the #1 Bestseller, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

This is a Post-apocalyptic story of a young boy and his father as they journey south toward the coast. Dogged by constant fear, and with only each other, they encounter one horrific incident after another – no blue sky between. By the end of the book, you  will feel the ash in your hair and under your skin.  The man in the yellow jacket, was he supposed to save us from this story of unrelenting despair? I’m not convinced. A reader will bring his own resolution to this one.

Remarkable writing, faced-paced, engrossing – yes to all of those.   The Road certainly made my own trip go faster. At least, I got to journey’s end.