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Boy Nobody is Back!

I am the Mission (Unknown Assassin Book two) by Allen Zadoff

Little, Brown and Company, (June 2014) 421 pgs (hardcover)

Well it is out!

by Allen Zadoff
by Allen Zadoff

Book two in the teen assassin story about a boy with no name who works for the “Program” is back as Nobody faces his most difficult mission yet.  It took me a while to read this, not because the book was bad, in fact the opposite is true, but because my dog ate my first copy of this one and it took three weeks to get a new copy from the publisher!  (Amazon was backordered and my local bookseller ran out)  But as soon as I got my hands on my new copy I say down and read it in one evening.

Boy Nobody is back almost exactly where we left off the last story.  He is still questioning his training, and his handlers, but when a new assignment comes in he gladly takes it.  Mother and Father are back, as are some of our favorite secondary characters from book one.  Just like in the first story, Nobody has to get close and kill his target, a super right wing Tim McVey kind of cult leader who is training children to be soldiers.  We are again faced with discussions about why people do bad things in the name of patriotism, and Nobody’s voice wavers from machine to teen as we the reader are drafted with him.

Now some folks are Going to be pissed off by Mr. Zadoff’s political discussions and portrayal of a right wing survivalist camp.  But this is a series about a covert government group that trains children to be assassins…so if political discussions upset you Don’t read this book.  This was far more political than his first story, more Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan than Ian Fleming’s James Bond, but I still enjoyed it and thought it was a fun if violent story. You probably should read book one before book two.  Either way, if you are looking for a crazy romp though a dark gritty world then look no further.

Parents, this book is all about the choices we make and the consequences of our actions, good and bad.  It brings up terrorism, patriotism, hacking, what makes a good soldier, and a good citizen.  Also note there is some sexual talk and Nobody is offered sex twice, though nothing happens. Once again, this is a story about a boy assassin who kills repeatedly so be aware of that before suggesting this book to your child.