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POSTED: “Sticky notes were the weapons and words were the ammunition.”

by David Anderson, author of Ms. Bixby’s Last Day

Lexile 750L; recommended for ages 8 to 12

Summer 2017 Kids’ Indies Next List, Top 10

This will resonate..

Cell phones are banned at Branton Middle School.  One could say that things had gotten out of hand.

Inexcusable“, the teacher had said regarding a certain post.

The students,  masterful at getting around things, devise a  plan to connect and paper “text”, which you’ve already guessed by the state of the locker above.  In all fairness, the idea was started by Frost and his friends, Deedee, Wolf, and Bench. The posts get personal, mean and vicious, and matters intensify all round.

The novel covers a lot of what goes on in a Middle School, about the hard stuff at home and on school turf.  It’s about finding “your people” and then trying to keep it all together.  It’s about a newcomer, Rose,  who threatens to derail  life itself, and it’s about words going viral.  Events escalate and the pressure mounts on every front.

This is a great read and like all great reads, teaches something important.