Readkiddoread! Great ideas from James Patterson

I love lists and crossing things off. Well, this list will launch your summer. James Patterson who writes something for everyone has put together some great titles to create a humungous reader out of you. No need to break a sweat – he has done all the thinking for you.

Now as regards the crossing off part…

When you finish a book cover to cover and cross it off your list. Let me know, and we’ll start up the ice-cream sundae count-down. Click on the list…

If you plow through these great reads, find some more of Mr. Patterson’s recommendations at:

What’ll it be… chocolate, strawberry, vanilla?

One thought on “Readkiddoread! Great ideas from James Patterson”

  1. The Survival ! series by K. Duey and K.A. Bale are very wonderful. They are a series that have different characters for each book so you don’t need to read the first book to read the fifth book. The books go right to the point and that’s very good because I don’t like books that you have to read 100 pages to get to the point. The books are detailed and very easy to understand what the point is. I love how it’s so dramatic and it’s like a movie in your head. I recommend it for people who love adventures and action.
    R. Lerman
    5th grade

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