Letting Go of Gravity

I got this book at the NTTBF (North Texas Teen Book Festival) this year, so I was super excited to hand it over to one of my big readers, Lily!  As I haven’t read it,  I thought I’d nail her and get her opinion on the book, especially as she loved it.


Pgs. 420 Young Adult novel, published 2018

So, Lily, what did you think about this book?

“It was really good, and I say that because it shows an accurate depiction of how people are affected by leukemia.  Charlie had had it but had gotten through it. The book starts when the relapse begins, and he is getting better. Charlie is really interesting and seemingly has no qualms about using leukemia to his advantage.  Parker, his twin sister, seems to care a lot.  It was a sad book, because of my connections to this and people I have known.  Life is not cracked up to be all you want it to be, and you have to work for what you want.”