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“I am a daughter. I am a pilot. I am the Nazis worst fear. I am a Night Witch.” Lasky

Kathryn Lasky is the Newbery Honor-winning author of many books including the Guardians of Ga’Hoole fantasy series, the Wolves of the Beyond series, A Time for Courage and several Dear America titles.

 211 pages, MS and US

Night Witches is a novel of World War II. The Germans have surrounded Stalingrad.  Valya, a sixteen year old Russian girl has been trained as a pilot by her father. The story starts out with the brutal murder of her mother. Left alone, Valya must now try and reunite with her sister, Tatyana, who is one of the fighter pilots of the Night Witch Brigade. Valya is determined to join up with the brigade and fight the Nazis.  This book is based on thorough research and is a great read for those who love action, historical fiction,  and a story featuring the first all-female air combat team.

Visit Kathryn Lasky’s website:  http://www.kathrynlasky.com/

Guys Read

High Interest Middle School (Grades 5–8)

guys read

Jon Scieszka nails it, so I’ll let him introduce this great book of true stories of proven authors.

“Have you ever imagined what it would be like to grow up in Vietnam during a war, to hunt for tarantulas in the Amazon, to almost die canoeing down a wild Alaskan river?

Ever wondered if you could draw comics, if you could learn science from reading poetry, if you could fix an aching tooth by pounding it into the roof of your mouth, to be left for dead in the Wild West and survive by cleaning out your wounds from a she-bear’s claws by lying on a bed of maggots?  Well,” Scieszka writes, “Imagine, wonder, and guess no more.”

This wide variety of stories, ten in all, is compelling and will take you on adventures you would rather other people experienced, thanks all the same. At the back of the book, a helpful addition of short contributor biographies point readers to other books by the editor, authors, and illustrator.


Choose to Lie… or Choose to Die


Jennifer A Nielsen: The Ascendance Trilogy

Book One – The False Prince

Grades 4 – 7

In the first of a trilogy by celebrated author, Jennifer A Nielsen, a story of treachery, deceit and false identities unfolds.

Civil war is pending. Conner, a nobleman of the court, kidnaps four orphans to choose among them an impersonator of the king’s long-lost son and set him up as a puppet prince. One, Sage, questions Conner’s motives, yet his own life ‘balances on a sword’s point’. At all costs, he must be chosen or be killed. Intrigue deepens as rival evil designs surface.

A truth comes to light that proves more lethal than all. Read the first one: A False Prince and you’ll be on your way to the library to grab the second one… and then the third. A great non-stop action fantasy!

Clean Slate


Tabula Rasa, by Kristen Lippert-Martin, EgmontUSA (September 23, 2014)

Grade 7+, 352 pgs (Hard Back).

This is a Netgalley Review I did months ago and the book is finally almost here! I received a digital ARC free for my honest review.

Tabula Rasa is an exciting new YA Science Fiction adventure novel that blends a medical thriller with a hard action novel into an amazing and complete book.  While there could be a sequel, there is no cliffhanger ending, and though some questions are not answered all the important ones for this novel were.

Our main character thinks her name is Sarah, but she is not sure.  She has been sent to this facility to have her memories removed and given a new start through experimental brain surgery.  Because Sarah did something, or had something happen to her so terrible that the courts, or her family, or someone decided she needed to be fixed.  And it must be working since Sarah can’t remember anything: her name, her face, or her family.  At least that is what we think as the book starts.  The entire book takes place in this mysterious facility in the mountains during a snow storm.  What exactly are they doing, and is there something more to the Tabula Rasa treatment than what Sarah has been told?

This was a pleasure to read and I absolutely loved the development of Sarah as she rediscovered her past.  An entire book that takes place in one lonely facility is hard to pull off, but like a great action movie this one kept it interesting as Sarah finds herself in the middle of a battle over the technology that is Tabula Rasa.  The characters crept, clawed, and leapt through the book accomplishing near super human feats through nothing more than determination and grit, often dealing with the consequences of their own surgery and pasts.   This book has absolutely everything I love in it, and I will be recommending this book for our library, I also recommend this to adults who want a great self contained fast adventure.

Note to parents, this book has gruesome death, violence, and supporting characters who deal in a lot of moral grey areas.  There are no truly good guys except the ones who died before the start of the novel, the rest I will leave up to you to make your decision.  Who is good?  Who deserves to die?  And who wants to forget?