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Ok, after my last book I thought we could all use a fun Junior Fiction book break.  And boy do I have a good Halloween book for you!


Nightmares, by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller (2014)

Delacorte Press, 355 pgs (hardback) Ages 8-12

Charlie Laird is a unique boy with a common problem.  He hates his stepmom and he has nightmares, like lots of them.  Every night.  So bad he can’t sleep and turns into a sort of walking coffee swilling nightmare himself.  But what if his nightmares are real? And his mother in law really does have a secret.  A really big secret.

That is what is behind a new series by Muppets and Despicable me writer Jason Segel and veteran writer Kirsten Miller.  Now there is nothing especially remarkable about a story that revolves around nightmares, or portals to another realm, or even a child hating their step parent.  What is remarkable is despite a rather dark and grim beginning the story ultimately is all about conquering your fears and learning to forgive.  And that is a great message.  So I will be recommending this book for our library and keeping my copy for my own library.  And remember that even Nightmares can have a positive purpose.

Parents note that this is about nightmares, but despite some slightly scary imagery it is a great Junior Fiction Novel with just enough action and humor to keep anyone engaged.