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An Average Boy saves the World



Jacob Smith is Incredibly Average

by Erin Hayes

Good for Grades 3 and up.


This is a fun and entertaining novel set in the present with a believable and likable hero.  The premise is that Earth is being invaded by a group of aliens who find the most average person on Earth, and use that person to discover how best to destroy the inhabitants so the aliens can colonize the planet once all the humans are gone.

Jacob Smith is the most average boy on Earth.  Most popular name, most popular favorite color, average sports ability, average grades…  I loved the idea that someone who is average, nothing special to outward appearances can become the hero his family needs and save the Earth.  The characters are wonderful, the Goth Sister, perfect Brother with a secret,  Computer wiz best friend, Crazy Grandfather with an Area 51 obsession, even the aliens are unique: the Fibonacks, aliens who are obsessed with perfection and write the equations of their perfection on their bodies.  Even side aliens like the Octopus like Alien that sits on your head and transmits signals across the galaxy was fun and unusual.

I read this as a Netgally reader looking for books for our school library, but I enjoyed this enough and I like the premise enough to recommend our library purchase a copy, or anyone who enjoys a good classic Sci-Fi thriller.  Anytime I find a book that encourages kids to look beyond the labels society puts on them and does it in a way that is both entertaining and age appropriate I highly recommend it.  And it is a Science Fiction novel to boot.  There are not that many good JF Sci-Fi books out there.