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The Seven Series and an upcoming SEQUEL!

seven sequelsThe Seven Series published by Orca, 2012.  Seven great adventures for Upper Elementary, Middle School and older.

“He was dead, after all, freshly flown off on his final adventure into the skies, so fit and “with it” that we were all shocked to hear of his death…”

Well, that wasn’t the last word on the subject. When David Maclean dies, he leaves behind an intriguing will outlining seven tasks for each of his grandsons. Seven books, seven authors, and seven tasks take readers anywhere from Mount Kilimanjaro to Iceland, the Mediterranean, Spain, and France.  Alright, so once  you have this series under your belt (i.e. read, achieved and experienced!), get ready for the BRAND NEW and upcoming series : THE SEVEN SEQUELS to be released OCTOBER 1ST, 2014.